NJ HEROES TOO, an acronym for New Jersey Healthcare Essential WoRker Outreach and Education Study – Testing Overlooked Occupations, is a Rutgers-that uses the non-invasive Rutgers at-home saliva collection test, NJ HEROES TOO has three primary goals. It aims to (1) better understand COVID-19 testing patterns among underserved and vulnerable populations; (2) strengthen the data on disparities in infection rates, disease progression, and outcomes; and (3) develop strategies to reduce the disparities in COVID-19 testing. The study focuses on the Black and Latinx communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19 in places where Rutgers academic medical centers are deeply rooted.
The program is supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences at the National Institute of Health.

Peer Reviewed Articles

OUCP/CHECE’s affiliation with NJ ACTS and the New Jersey HEROES TOO project has yielded its first reviewed article entitled “Black and Latinx Community Perspectives on COVID-19 Mitigation Behaviors, Testing and Vaccines”.  The paper has been highlighted in the Gothamist and Rutgers Today and is available to view on the JAMA Network and PubMed website.

Media Engagement