Boys to Leaders Foundation


The purpose of the Boys to Leaders Foundation is to empower, motivate, and inspire young men, by providing leadership training, educational programs, positive personal and professional development.


The Boys to Leaders Foundation, a 501(c)3 non profit, is the vision of a single mother, raised and still a resident in the City of Newark, who has a growing concern for the lack of programs that reinforce leadership skills and expose her son to resources that will strengthen him in becoming a positive and successful man. In response to her commitment to her community, and most importantly her son, she decided to create an organization that will benefit young Latino men, giving them a strong sense of direction to enhance their achievement and demonstrate her commitment to them and her community.

One of the many goals of the Latino Youth Leadership Conference will be the opportunity to develop effective communication skills that will translate into sustainable results for the future. In addition, the young men will have an opportunity to meet prominent Latino men from specific agencies and companies. They will be able to build relationships with successful professional adults who offer hope, opportunities and Mentorship.