AHLI collaborates with community partners poised to effectively address ever-changing needs and concerns of seniors

Community Advisory Board

The community advisory board is comprised of community-based, service agency, municipal, and academic leasers representing the Greater Newark community

Community Wellness Initiatives

Health is Wealth. Our programs address a broad range of health concerns to promote health equity in the Greater Newark community



Advocates for Healthy Living Initiative (AHLI) provides our elders with tools and information to live healthier lives. Through base building and collaborations with community and faith-based organizations, we serve as partners in promoting health equity in our community.


Reduce health disparities, promote health equity, and improve the quality of life among urban seniors through transdisciplinary education, targeted intervention, base building, and collaborative, community-based partnerships.


Seniors thrive in an environment supported by health advocates and community partners working to increase health literacy, improve healthy living practices, and reduce health disparities, morbidity, and mortality from preventable causes.