AHLI Community Wellness Initiatives

Lunch ’n’ Learns and Community Health Educational Program Seminars

Trained community members share information on health topics at churches, senior centers, and
public housing while providing a complimentary healthy meal.

Understanding Research and How it Affects Your Community

Partnering with communities helps us to uncover ways to improve health outcomes. AHLI
provides seminars on research techniques, benefits, and, shares research outcomes.

Understanding Research photo
photo of someone speaking at an event

Fitness and Dance Classes

Fitness trainers provide dance-based exercise programs (Zumba, Sit & Fit, dance group, and yoga) in partnership with local churches, senior centers, and senior housing.

Targeted Programs

Initiatives designed to address specific needs of men and/or women ages 55 and over.

Intergenerational Engagement

Undergraduate and graduate college students serve as community ambassadors and research assistants, and help disseminate important health education information and data.