I Have A Dream Foundation/Thirteenth Avenue/MLK School


Photo of Donald Payne, Jr., Yolanda Gadson, Simone Rose, and Rutgers Newark’s Dr. Diane Hill

Photo of Congressman Donald Payne, Jr., IHAD Foundation Director, Yolanda Gadson, Thirteenth Avenue Principal Simone Rose, and Rutgers Newark’s Dr. Diane Hill

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation, provides individualized social, emotional, and academic support to young people (“Dreamers”) from under-resourced communities from kindergarten all the way through college, along with guaranteed tuition support. The Foundation believes that when given equal access to the resources they need to succeed, all children can ignite their innate potential and achieve their dreams. Since founded by Eugene Lang in 1981″I Have A Dream” has served nearly 18,000 Dreamers in over 200 programs nationally.

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation-New Jersey is a non-profit that provides long-term, comprehensive support to youth and their families. Youth are called Dreamers and the Foundation works with them to and through college, helping them to achieve academically, professionally and in their personal lives.

“I Have A Dream” Foundation New Jersey is revolutionizing Thirteenth Avenue School, building a true STEAM School and a true Community School. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) approach is to integrate subject areas so that content is more engaging and accessible to students, addressing the whole child and approaching learning as it truly happens rather than through the misleading strategy of focusing just on test scores. The Community School approach recognizes that the family and the wider community are vital the child’s success and health, and we will never make real change if we don’t address everything as an interconnected ecosystem. “ I Have A Dream” is overhauling the curriculum, integrating subjects and learning across the school day, through out-of-school-time programs, and through our supports to the home and the community. Integrated learning is at the center of everything. In addition, “I Have a Dream” is overhauling facilities to create a true STEAM, green, and community school, with a new garden, culinary room, green house, makerspace, and opportunity for the community to both give back to the school and find needed resources through the school, including healthy food and income opportunities.