America Reads / Counts

Administered by Office of University-Community Partnerships, the Rutgers-Newark America Reads/Counts Program serves youth and adults by providing tutoring in Newark area schools and in other education-related institutions and organizations. In partnership with the Newark Literacy Campaign and Rutgers-Newark’s Office of Financial Aid/Student Employment, the America Reads/Counts Program has become a positive addition to the Newark community.


Rutgers-Newark students are eligible to become an America Reads/Counts tutor based on the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled currently at Rutgers-Newark.
  • Must be eligible for federal work-study.
  • Must indicate interest in doing community service on their work-study application.
  • Must be interested in and dedicated to tutoring in the areas of reading and math.

Information about the current America Reads/Counts tutors can be found here.

For more information about the America Reads/Counts Program, contact:
Rolando Herts
(973) 353-1630

Lesley Leslie
(973) 353-1173

America Reads Counts Resource Manual 2013-2014

Past Reports:

> OUCP America Reads-Counts Annual Report 2011-12

> OUCP America Reads-Counts Annual Report 2010-11