Thank you for electing to complete the Community Engagement Questionnaire (CEQ). The CEQ has a dual purpose:

– to collect prior year community engagement data needed to complete reports and recognition/classification applications
– to collect information regarding community engagement initiatives currently offered which will be posted in the online RU-N Community Engagement Directory.

Completion of this questionnaire is very important to our efforts to catalogue and showcase the broad array of significant and impactful community engagement work that is being undertaken at RU-N. Please read the Guidelines and FAQs below and then access the questionnaire here.

The guidelines and FAQs below are provided to assist you in completing the CEQ. Thank you, again, for your participation!

Dr. Diane Hill
Assistant Chancellor
University-Community Partnerships


Complete a questionnaire for each initiative that is offered during the current academic year and upcoming summer session.

Please try to limit the program description to 900 characters. The Directory will include a hyperlink to your website where one can access more information.

If you answer Yes to question #21 and this initiative is not a new program provide last years data for items #22-26: complete item #29 then click Submit.

Please review these items and collect the data requested prior to beginning the questionnaire.

Please enter responses to all items with an asterisk as this will expedite processing of the CEQ and posting of your initiative in the Directory.

Please Note: if you close the browser prior to entering all of your responses ALL of your entries will be lost and you will have reenter them on a new questionnaire.

Confirmation of your submission with the entries that you provided will be sent to the email address that you entered on the questionnaire. The Sender will be “CEQ Rutgers”.

All information provided in items #1-4 will be reviewed/verified.

We reserve the right to copy edit program descriptions.

Confirmation of your submission will be sent to the email address that you entered on the questionnaire. Once your submission has been approved for upload to the Directory you will receive a second email with a copy of the entries you provided on the CEQ.


Will the data provided after item #7 be included in the Directory?

Specific program data will not appear in the Directory. Aggregate data collected from all submissions will be compiled periodically for institutional reporting.

If I complete the questionnaire am I assured that the information will be posted?

While most entries are posted, each one is reviewed to ensure that it is appropriate for the guide.

Once I submit the CEQ can subsequent changes be made?

Yes, however, you should first contact the CEQ Administrator, indicating what changes you wish to make and a member of the CEQ team will contact you, and advise you how to proceed.

How long will the survey take to complete?

If you are submitting a Community Service program/initiative collecting the data, in advance, will be the most time-consuming aspect of completing this CEQ. If you have gathered all data, you can expect to spend 10-20 minutes completing the online questionnaire.

What if I don’t know the answer to a particular question?

We encourage you to seek assistance and information from others in your unit or those associated with the initiative, especially if a response is required.

Why are we entering prior year information for Items #32-40?

We recognize that data collection takes time. Ordinarily, we seek to collect annual data in the fall following each academic year cycle (which includes the summer for this questionnaire). Annual reports, recognition applications (The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll) and classification applications (Carnegie Community Engagement Classification) require prior year data.